festive teal and brown eye makeup

Hey lovelies

Hope you are all well and are having a great start to the week. I wanted to post another makeup look that would be perfect for this time of year, well to be honest I would wear this any time in the year but I thought the colours particularly fitting  for the party season.

I also wanted to make a normal makeup post as I feel the last look I posted didn’t go down too well, I guess it’s either not what people want at this time of year or you guys just didn’t like it lol either is fine I love playing with makeup whether it be normal eye looks of character looks. so if you would like to see more of the normal looks let me know in the comments and ill know to steer clear of character looks in the future.

Anywho on to the things you’ll need for this look.


The products

  • Revlon colorstay foundation in sand beige
  • Maybelline The eye eraser concealer in light
  • W7 Lemon meringue eye primer
  • Benefit Hoola Bronzer
  • Maybelline Master ink liquid liner inmate charcoal black
  • Ultraflesh samurai star 18 Karat rose gold blush
  • I heart makeup I heart chocolate palette
  • Maybelline The falsies push up drama mascara in very black
  • Benefit High beam complexion enhancer
  • Stargazer eye dust in shade 22
  • Jeffree Star lipstick in Scorpio (fake)


  1. First I primed my face I didn’t list it above but I used the Thisworks in transit camera close up primer, then I applied my foundation using a damp beauty blender.
  2. For contouring I used the Hoola bronzer to carve out some cheek bones and then on the temple areas.
  3. I used the Maybelline eye eraser concealer on my under eye area, also added a little to my forehead, down my nose and on my cupids bow and chin and again I blended it with the beauty blender.
  4. I used the rose gold blush on my cheeks.
  5. For brows I didn’t mention this in my list also but I used Benefit brow gel.
  6. To highlight I took the High beam by benefit and applied it to the upper cheek bones, forehead, tip of nose cupids bow and chin.


for the eyes

  1. I took the Stargazer eye dust which is a lovely teal/green colour and patted this onto just my eye lid area.
  2. I took the I heart chocolate Palette then used the colour thank Friday and blended that into the crease area as a transition colour.
  3. Using the same palette I used the colour Love torn I applied this to the crease and the outer corner of my eye lid then using a fluffy blending brush I blended the hell out of it till I was happy.
  4. Again same palette I took the colour Endorphins ready and applied this to the high point of my brow for highlight.
  5. Taking the love torn colour smoke it out along the lover lash line.
  6. Apply liner and mascara and eyes are done
  7. finish the look using whatever lip colour you like I used Scorpio and there you have it.


I hope you guys like this weeks look better than my last post and link my to your look if you do try this out as I love seeing what people’s takes on it are.

as always links below to all products used



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