Disgust from inside out tutorial

Hey guys

Hope you are all well on this freezing cold night I am wrapped up in my fleece pj’s as we speak lol.

As you know if you are already a reader of my blog I recently attended comicon I went with some friends and family and we all cosplayed for the very first time. my daughter decided that she was going as disgust from inside out, I thought it was a great idea as my daughter is the disgust through and through lol, and when I finally saw the look all together when it was done I loved it so much so that I decided to have a go of it myself  and I thought I do a walk through with you guys in case you want to try  it for yourselves.

Here’s what I came up with.



  • SnazarooFace paint in the colour pale green.
  • Collection 2000 Dazzle me eyeshadow in the colour Tinkerbell
  • Thisworks in transit camera close-up primer
  • Barry M Dazzle dust in colour No31
  • Famous By Sue Moxley Matt eyeshadow in shade 7
  • Maybelline Big eyes eye liner white side.
  • Loreal Manga Punky mega volume mascara in green
  • mac lippy in shade 09
  • Maybelline Master ink liquid liner matte in charcoal black
  • Blusher from the too faced in your dreams palette colour Wanna play?
  • Lashes were from kkcenterhk.com
  • Dou lash glue


How I got this look

  1. First I primed my face using the thisworks primer
  2. Using a foundation brush as it applied more evenly I painted my entire face neck chest and even my hands I had to apply a few layers to build up even colour but always allow them t dry or you’ll pull of what you’ve already applied.
  3. Using the Collection 2000 Dazzle me in the color Tinkerbell contour your cheek bones, temple area and nose pretty much the same way you always contour only its green lol.
  4. Taking The Matt shadow by Sue Moxley fill in those brows it’s a slightly darker green so it works well with the look.
  5. Using a pressing motion with the Barry M Dazzle dust apply it to just the eye lid area.
  6. Line the water line using the Maybelline Big eyes liner white side.
  7. Take the Collection 2000 colour and run that below the water line and smudge it out.
  8. Line your upper lid using the Maybelline master ink liner.
  9. Apply the Too Faced Wanna Play? blush to your cheeks.
  10. Curl your lashes and coat them in the Loreal Miss Mange Green Mascara add your lashes using the duo glue and that’s the eyes done.
  11. Finally put on your lippy and that’s the look complete (oo I also added some green glitter onto my cheek bones to get a bit of that disgust sparkle.)


So there you have it such a simple but effective makeup look that anyone could pull off.

I did want to also tell you guys I have a you tube channel I started a while ago but wasn’t to sure when to tell people I guess it’s the whole fear of rejection thing I have going on but my daughter took matter out of my own hands and started sharing my videos on her twitter, so I thought now is a good time as any to share it with you guys too. So if anyone is interested in having a look or even subscribing to my channel I would muchly appreciate it and ill pop a link down below for anyone interested. most of my posts co-inside with this blog so rather than a written it’s all me talking people s ears off lol or applying makeup with musical backing. so like I said take a look if you like no pressure 🙂

As always there are also going to be links to the product’s so you can purchase them if you’d like.

YouTube link Charmedwench

Product links













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