Comicon Birmingham 2016

Hey guys

Feels like its been a while since I posted and I guess it has been over a week or more but things have been so crazy in the running up to comicon.

I will start by saying this is the first comicon that I have actually gone in cosplay for, and it was so much fun I can’t even tell you, what made the day for me was firstly the fact that people recognised the character that I chose to do and secondly the kids, the kids absolutely made my day seeing their little faces as they came up and asked for a photo with me as they knew exactly who I was more so than a lot of the older generation.

So I decided in my wisdom to go as nightmare moon from my little pony I have done a previous post of a practice run on the makeup I was going to do but I didn’t show the complete look so here it is.


I found a little fluttershy as I was walking round so we had to have a picture.

So what ill do rather than bore you all with a load of writing ill just post quite a lot of pictures with just a bit of writing.

Above is family and friends that we went with. my daughter was disgust from inside out her partner was Shaun from Shaun of the dead. my partner was Dr Doom his brother was Malcolm Reynolds from firefly, his partner was the copse bride.

I had such a great day the people were friendly  and the cosplayers put so much effort into the characters they attended as I will definitely cosplay again I may have been trodden on a lot as my dress was so big but it was worth it when you hear kids shouting your character’s name out and asking for a picture.

I know this was a short and sweet post but i hoped you enjoyed seeing all the pictures of my day.

I will see you all again soon


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