Unicorn Makeup brushes

hey guys here for the second time in the week to play catch up on my blog posts.

Now I have to say that these aren’t my brushes as much as I wish they were I am not as lucky as my daughter who purchased these, but she has kindly let me have a look at them and write a review. she has since been using them and has also given me her own opinion on how she feels about the brushes.

The brushes are made by a company called unicornlashes they are an indie brand that not a lot of people may know of they sell primarily lashes hence the name of course with are in themselves as beautiful and unique as the brushes I will be talking about today. I will as always leave a link at the end so you can all add yourselves to their mailing list to find out when the new stock of the brushes are in if you want to get your own.


This is  how your purchased brushes will arrive the packaging is amazing and screams high-end quality but the uniqueness of them make you just want to sit and stare at them rather than dirty them up with any kind of makeup products, but that’s just my opinion lol.

your brushes come in a diamond-shaped storage bag I love it thus set is definitely a show stopper.


You also receive a cute little card explaining in detail each brush and how and where it is used it even has little unicorn tips on how to get the best out of each individual brush which is such a cute personal thing to do.


And what you have finally been waiting to see the beautiful brushes in all their glory and I have to say the pictures really don’t do these brushes any justice at all.

Each handle has been crafted to look like a unicorns horn they have an opalescent colouring to them that catches the light and shines so beautifully. Each brush has bristles made out of taklon which is a super soft fibre that is so soft to the touch it make you feel like you are rubbing a cloud on your face lol. but in all seriousness they feel lovely. The bristles on each brush are coloured in rainbow pastel colours which is another reason I wouldn’t  want to use them they are just so damn gorgeous lol.

I also must state that these are vegan friendly.


Unicornlashes has also collaborated with swirl+sparkle so in your brush set you also receive a pot of brush cleaner so you can bring back your beautiful pastel rainbow colour on your brushes after use.

Now the price of these brushes is £45  a lot some may feel a little too much for a set of brushes but looking at what you get and the fact that they are such high quality these are so worth it, and when I am in the position where I will be able to purchase my own set I will as I have fallen in love with my daughters.

My daughters view on using the brushes is:

“They are so soft. I thought I was going to hate how short the handles are but actually I feel it gives you more control.”

“I’d like to see a smaller eye shadow brush though that’s my only criticism but it doesn’t stop me using them and they clean up really well”

Those linkamabobs

 Website:   https://www.unicornlashes.co.uk/

Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/UnicornLashesUk/


3 thoughts on “Unicorn Makeup brushes

  1. heeey, can you post a picture of the card that came with the brushes? i really love that piece of art and i’d love to print it out but i can’t really find a proper picture of it. thank you xx


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