Cracked doll Halloween look

Hey guys hope all is good

This week I decided to do a practice run of a look I will be wearing for a party this weekend. I haven’t tried this before so the pictures you will see are just a dry run of it all I always like to do a trial of anything I am going to be wearing for costumes/cosplay as you can look back at the pictures and decide how you would like to improve on it if you need to.

So I thought a cracked doll look would be simple but effective and plus it’s a family party with children so I didn’t want to go all out and end up with kids getting nightmares lol.

The Products


  1. Thisworks in transit camera close up primer
  2. Lorea; Revitalift Magic blur instant skin smoother finishing cream
  3. Revlon colorstay foundation in sand beige
  4. Maybelline The eye eraser  concealer
  5. W7 Lemon Meringue eyelid primer
  6. Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Mystifiying Mattifiying pressed powder
  7. Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour palette
  8. Anastasia Beverly hills dipbrow in soft brown
  9. Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite Palette
  10. Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette
  11. Maybelline The Falsies Push up drama Mascara in very black
  12. Maybelline Big eyes eye liner (white side)
  13. Maybelline Master ink Matte eyeliner in charcoal black


I wanted to keep the makeup as doll-like as possible so to begin I primed my face with the thisworks primer and also smoothed my pores out using the loreal magic blur, I then applied the Revlon colorstay using my beauty blender. I concealed under the yes up my nose and forehead and also put a little on my top lip and chin.

To have a nice even colour on my eyelid I primed that with the W7 Lemon meringue primer which also cancels out any redness in the eye area.

I finished all this off using the Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Pressed powder.


I contoured my face as I usually would just below the cheek area and up onto the side of the temples.

I filled my brows to make them look a little fuller using the dipbrow (which is may I add a fake aliexpress one).

For my eye make up I used the Makeup Revolution Unicorn unite Palette. I put the Colour Unicorn on the lid area only then I used Unite as a transition colour in the crease area blending it up towards the brow. Taking the colour Believe put this in the crease and outer corners of the eye lid and blend it all out till you are happy, to finish the eye highlight the brow bone with the colour Pure


To finish off my eyes I lined them using the master ink above the lash and also below the water line but not all the way in as I don’t want to look like I have piggy eyes lol. I then took the colour History from the same unicorn unite palette and smudged the liner I had already applied this makes it last longer and helps if you need to rectify any mistakes.

Taking the Maybelline Big eyes liner use the white side to fill in the water line to exaggerate the eye and hopefully make it look bigger and more doll-like, finish off the eye by curling the lashes and adding your mascara and my ride or die mascara has to be the Maybelline The Falsies Push up drama one I swear by it.


I used a Too Faced Blush from my In your dreams Palette sorry it’s not pictured but the pink in there was a perfect dolly pink for the apples of my cheeks, I added a bit of highlighter because we all need a bit of highlight in our lives even if we are a doll lol. I took the colour Hemisphere and highlighted the cheek bone up the nose onto the forehead, I even added some to my top lip and chin SHINE BABY!!! lol.


To finish this look I used a MAC Pink lipstick again I forgot to take a picture and of course as I sit here I can’t remember the colour I know it was a lady Gaga one sorry.

And of course no look would be complete without a splatter of blood and a creepy companion, you will never know the guilt I felt doing this to the little guy but he is now my partner in crime for the night and I will always keep him cause I’m weird like that lol.

On looking back on all these pictures now I will most definitely add some shading and highlight to all the cracks to create some depth and I will most definitely fill in the cracks with face paint as using a little eyeliner brush was painfully slow lol.

But I want to know what you guys think. Have you done this look before? if so any tips or tricks I can use?

Overall I think it’s not bat for a first go.

Those darn product links again hehe



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