Comicon Cosplay Makeup trial run


Hellooo my little pretty’s

So as you can see by the massive title I am going to comicon that would be the one this November coming in Birmingham. I am so looking forward to it and this year will be the first time I actually take the plunge and cosplay a character.

My choice is Nightmare moon from My Little Pony, well my take on a part human part unicorn version of her anyway, most of my costume parts are here but I wanted to do a test run on the makeup I will actually wear on the day of the con.


so what you will see is a work in progress it think ill add and change a few things here and there but ill explain that as I go on.

I am going to write this in a tutorial type of blog so that you can all see how it was done.

I want opinions also as to how I can improve or just generally your thoughts.

The products used


Products pictured above

  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation in sand beige
  • Maybelline The eye eraser concealer in light
  • Lunatick Cosmetick Labs Mystifying Mattifying Pressed powder
  • Thisworks in transit camera close-up primer
  • Makeup Revolution Ultra contour palette
  • Anastasia Beverley hills dipbrow
  • Ultraflesh Samurai star rose gold blush
  • MUA Pro-base Fixing spray


products pictured above

  • Technic electric palette
  • makeup revolution unicorn unite palette
  • color tattoo 24hr in endless purple
  • Quciy eyeliner in black
  • Maybelline the falsies push up drama mascara in very black
  • Maybelline big eye chunky eyeliner white side
  • Makeup revolution Lipstick  in Scandalous Immoral
  • purple and white glitter from aliexpress
  • Snazaroo face paint in white


The lashes used here had flecks of blue in them I got them and the glue from alixpress

So as always I applied my foundation using my beauty blender, I concealed only my under eye area and then set it with the pressed powder as with all the looks I do you don’t have to use the exact same products as me just use what you have.

I contoured my cheeks and temple area and added a little bit of the rose gold blush to bring back some of my colour, I wasn’t too sure about this foundation as it’s the first time ive used it and I don’t know why my camera shows it a more orange than it actually is on natural light.

I filled in my brows and then moved onto the eyes.

As a base I covered my lid in the endless purple tattoo cream eyeshadow. Then it was onto the fun part of making my face a galaxy I took the technic electric palette and started in the outer part of my crease and used the vibrant purple then I moved onto the blues and then pinks I didn’t want to bring it all down my face on both side as the side that is clear will have a crescent moon in glitter I am just waiting for the makeup glue especially for glitter.

to make the galaxy on the side of my face I just stippled and blended the blues, purples and pinks from the ame palette until I was happy with it.


I then sprayed the MUA on a brush dipped it in the glitter and pressed it just on the lid area. I lined my eyes and set it with a black shadow from the unicorns unite palette.

The stars in my galaxy were created using the Snazaroo white face paint for the small stars I used the end of a hair grip and the larger ones were hand painted, these definitely need a better bush as I couldn’t get the exactly how I wanted, to finish them off I added a little of the white glitter. I then added the lashed and the eyes were complete.

For the lips I don’t have the color I am actually wearing as I am waiting for it to arrive so I took a blue makeup revolution lipstick and then used a darker blue eyeshadow to create a sort of gradient effect.


Sooooo what do you think this of course is my take on nightmare moon I just thought it was a cool way to portray her character I as in the picture at the start of the blog she has fangs and so will I and I definitely need to work on some evil poses lol overall I am quite pleased as it was a first go and I don’t think I need to alter too much but let me know your opinion please I would very much appreciate it.


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