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Hey lovelies

It’s that time of week again where I ramble on about things in hopes of inspiring you all into trying new things and new products.

Todays products aren’t necessarily new but new to me as I have never actually purchased any Benefit products before I have only ever gotten them from either magazines or my subscription beauty box, but now I have paid out and brought a few products that came in a kit from QVC I’m pretty sure you have all heard of QVC if you haven’t it’s a shopping channel. I have never used them before but when I saw this kit I knew it was totally worth the price tag of £49.92 including packaging, now this may seem a lot to most people but I will list the individual prices for each product in the kit as I go so you can see just how much of a bargain this really was.

The great thing about QVC is you also have the option to pay in instalments which to be honest is what I opted to do as it seemed better for my to do so.


The products


High beam luminescent complexion enhancer is a pale pink highlighter that is used on the cheeks and brow bone to give the face a beautiful dewy glow I have heard and seen good reviews on this product so I’m looking forward to using it to see how I feel about it myself.

The retail price to buy this on its own is £19.50


bene tint is a rose-tinted lip and cheek stain that has long-lasting and yet subtle colour. If you love the scent of roses and like the more subtle natural make up look this product could definitely be right up your ally it comes in a little bottle with a brush built into the lid so you can apply to either your lips or cheeks if you want the colour to be less subtle you can apply more than one layer to make it pop.

The retail price for this product alone is £24.50


they’re real mascara again I have been wanting to try this product out for a very long time as ive heard such good reviews on it I’m trying to stop my self from using it before I have used my everyday mascara I don’t like waste especially with make up as I like to get the most out of what I buy and not throw things away.

This mascara has a specially designed brush according to the packaging is going to help me find lashes I never knew I had well I bloody hope so as I need all the help I can get with my sparse lashes lol.

The retail price for this product alone is £19.50


Gimme brow is another new on for me I already use the ready, set brow gel and the Goof proof pencil in my everyday makeup this I don’t know if id use every day but I am definitely going to give it a go. This product contains tiny micro-fibres that stick to the skin and hairs in your brow giving it a naturally fuller defined look. having been a bit of an over plucker in my youth this may be a good product to get into using.

The retail price for this product alone is £18.50


And finally a product that every man and his dog knows about in the makeup community the Hoola bronzer I have wanted this for so long and finally I have it I’m so excited to use this, I know a lot of people use this as a contour shade ive had a little swatch to myself and I think ill have to try it out and see if I feel its dark enough for my skin tone either way I am looking forward to dipping my brush into this baby.

This product alone retails for £23.50

Now because I can’t add for shit lol my calculator says if I was to buy each individual product by itself in one shopping trip it would amount to £105.50 wow is all I have to say lol there is no way I could pay that out in one splurge so I will definitely be keeping an eye out on what QVC has on offer when I’m adding to my make up collection. I’m pretty sure that the price has gone up to £65 plus postage but that still a saving when wanting benefit products, and the fact you can pay in instalments makes this all the more worthwhile.

So what do you think do any of you guys already use any of these items id love your opinion on them?

I’m pretty sure ill be using some of these in my next post which will be another make up look. As always ill link the page from where I purchased the kit incase you all want to take up the offer also. That’s it for this week please like the post if you like what you’ve read and go ahead and look me up on face book and like my page there too if you would be so  kind.



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