mini haul with swatches of rose gold

Hello one and all

Hope you are all having a mighty fine weekend so far mines not been too bad it was my brother’s birthday this week so went to a little surprise BBQ that his partner had planned for him, but while I was out picking up his birthday card I went and spent some pennies on myself because well why not lol.

Whist browsing all the makeup as you do I came across these two items.

Ultraflesh samurai star Rose gold satin blush and Gold bar ultimate shimmer collection


First ill talk about the rose gold blush I have to say it was the packaging that caught my eye as it’s quite unusual. The compact has a gold emblem on the front which attaches by magnets, and inside the box there is a cord that you can use to actually wear it around your neck. It’s not the sort of item I would wear personally but the idea is great.

When you open the blush it has a soft flat brush with it for anytime you may want to use it on the go. The blush itself has a hinged plastic cover over it so your blush is always protected. This to me screams high-end product but in reality it only cost me £2.99 and as you scroll down you can see a picture of it swatched it is such a pretty rose gold colour and I have used it in the make up look I wore to my brothers party I thought it really complimented my skin tone really well and gave a soft diffused look to my skin and the subtle shimmer is just beautiful.

I also think this is a prefect blush for the ladies out the of a very pale complexion.


The Gold bar ultimate shimmer collection is the second product that caught my eye as its mirrored packaging caught the magpie within me calling my name to buy it lol.

This compact as you can see from the picture above opens up in a fan like way so that you can reach each compartment with ease. there was a smoky eye version of this too I may have to go back for that but because this season seems to be all about the metallic and rose gold I had to buy it again this was only £2.99

This compact is so versatile it can be used on the eyes lips or even cheeks it has 2 mini all over highlighting pencils, 2 all over shimmers and 1 all over enhancer again I have worn this look today and it is so pretty you can build the colours up as much as you want building up the pigmentation as you go it really is perfect for day or night.


The picture above really doesn’t do these products the justice they deserve but as you can see the blush is a pretty rose gold that has a subtle shimmer to it when you move in the light.

From left to right on the bottom picture the first swatch is the all over enhancer the second is the gold shimmer cream the third is my favourite rose gold cream. the fourth swatch is a pale shimmer pencil and the last is a gold pencil.


The other product I picked up is one that I wanted to try as my skin has been in diabolical condition of late. It broke out starting with two blind pimples on my chin and then spiralling out of control to not just one but 6 spots all around my chin and lip area and also it have gone so so dry to the point of being too sore to put anything on it. I read online that clay masks are good for these type of spots (don’t we all live in a world where google has the answer lol) so I went on a mission to find a clay based mask and came upon this little beauty.

The Loreal Pure clay detox mask there were three types of clay mask in the series the detox, glow and purity I chose the detox because it is for removing impurities and clarifies congested skin, and right now I am in desperate need of a miracle lol.


Heres an attractive picture of me looking utterly ravishing in my mask lol.

My thoughts on the mask after the first use.

I used a brush to paint this onto the skin the mask has a pleasant fragrance to it not what I guess you would expect when you read charcoal on the label lol. but it went on like a dream it didn’t even sting in the way my skin has with everything else ive tried so I was so happy to apply this to my face.

washing it off after 10 minutes I instantly noticed that all the dry skin had gone and my skin felt fresh and clean.

I will continue to use this as it can be used 2-3 times a week I’m up for that if its going to improve my skin I will possibly report back at a later date and I ay even try the others in this range and see how they are.

Overall I highly recommend this mask to anyone wanting to give their skin some TLC.i brought it from my local savers for £4.99 a bargain in my eyes.

That’s all folks lol

let me know what you think I will list links below to places that you can purchase these products for yourselves the prices may very as I got the make up items from a small owned makeup store near my home town.


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