September Lookfantastic box

Spoiler alert as you can see from the title this is September’s box so read no further if you are still waiting on your box!!!

Hello there beauty lovers everywhere

How are we all on this lovely evening, day or possibly night depending on when you read this lol.

This weeks post is of course the monthly lookfantastic beauty subscription box. I always get excited when the postie brings this to my door, it’s just a nice way to spoil your self at a fraction of a cost of what all the products would amount to if you were to actually go out and purchase it separately.


This months box in a special one for lookfantastic as they are celebrating their 18th birthday and I have to say the box is so pretty simple yet effective and i love the colour.

One of my favourite parts of receiving my box is opening the tissue paper the suspense kills me lol and it’s always a nice touch as you feel like you are opening a present………  from yourself lol.


The products


Here’s a break down on all the items I have received below.

  1. Lord And Berry Mini luminzer/strobing stick. This is a convenient little highlighting pencil is great for traveling places as it doesn’t take up too much space its paraben-free and can also be used as a concealer on dark circles. I have swatched this product but haven’t yet used it. it doesn’t feel very creamy but the colour if leaves on the skin is a nice shimmer.
  2. BareMinerals Mini Moxie Lipstick in the colour Get ready. I was very excited to see this little pretty hiding in my box I don’t have any Baremineral products so i am looking forward to using this. The swatch i did when i opened this was so super creamy you can see that it will be really moisturising. it contains Vitamin C, A and E along with Abyssinan oil which would explain why the swatch felt so soft.
  3. Argan Liquid gold bb cream this product I am looking forward to trying it is infused with 24 carat gold and organic Argan oil which will nourish the skin whilst giving it a beautiful golden glow. it only comes in one shade but is formulated to adapt to your own skin tone. this smells good and who wouldn’t want to rub 24 carat gold onto their faces lol.
  4. Christophe Robin Purifying shampoo. As I have crazy coloured hair I don’t know how it will react to this shampoo I tend to use colour saving shampoos in cold water. That said this shampoo is free from parabens and silicon’s so would be a nice gentle shampoo to try out. It contains jujube bark and cherry flower extracts. it claims my hair will feel softer as it washes away all the impurities and dry skin that can weigh it down.
  5. Gatineau collagene expert eye pads. Infused with collagen these pads claim to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate the eye and even reduce dark circles, now who would say no to that especially this old bag sitting here writing lol. I will definitely be giving these bad boys a try as my eyes always look tired, i do have a 4-year-old that gets me up at 6am every day that could be partly to blame lol but i am getting older  and need all the help i can get lol
  6. Bliss Lemon and Sage Maximum Moisture cream. This moisturizer won the ELLE beauty award it smells amazing and to be honest even though I don’t use body butters i will be trying this as it smells that good. This paraben-free moisturiser helps normalise your skin content and help it retain water while the coconut oil and vitamin E improves your skin tone. its non greasy so no sliding around and having your clothes sticking to you lol.

So over all this was another good box I am looking forward to using a few things this time around. i know that these boxes are made so that you will possibly go out and purchase the full size items if you like them enough, but to be honest by the time I have gotten through the certain item i am loving using my new box arrives and there is another product to love lol. eventually there will be a time i’ll get around to it but until then i will continue to enjoy my boxes.

Happy birthday LOOKFANTASTIC

Get your box here :

hope you liked this weeks post and I shall see you all around the same time next week.


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