Kylie Jenner inspired look

Hello beautiful people

It is that time of the week again where we have another new post. I wasn’t sure what kind of look I wanted to do for this post and then my inspiration came in the form of a wig that arrived the other day it really reminded me of Kylie Jenner’s hair from a little while back.

So I thought why not give it a go and try to make myself look a little like her. as you will see from previous posts I have non-existent lips lol and thin brows so I knew it was going to be interesting to try and alter these attributes on my face.

The ProductsPicsArt_09-02-07.55.21

I will post links to all the products at the bottom of this post for now ill just list them all.

  1. Loreal Revitalift Magic Blur Instant skin smoother
  2. Maybelline Superstay Better skin foundation in nude
  3. Maybelline Instant anti-age eye eraser in light
  4. NYX Above and Beyond Full coverage concealer in porcelain
  5. Lunatick Cosmetics labs Mystifying Mattifying HD pressed powder
  6. Revolution Ultra Contour Palette


  1. Revolution Welcome to the pleasure dome palette
  2. Sleek Sunset Palette
  3. Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in soft brown
  4. I heart makeup Summer of love Triple baked bronzer in hot summer of love
  5. Royal cosmetic connections lashes style 118
  6. Barry M Blush
  7. Constance Carrol Kohl liner in black
  8. Maybelline Big eyes liner
  9. Maybelline The falsies pushup drama Mascara in very Black
  10.  Lime Crime Liquid Matt lipstick in Buffy.

Kylie Jenner is all about the browns in her make up looks and boy does she wear them well. The hardest thing foe me to do here was make my brow thicker but using the Anastasia dipbrow it really made the job easier.As for lips I had to line them outside my natural lip line to even get them remotely fuller than they were I did my best and below is the result.


First of all I primed my face using the Loreal Magic Blur this hides all of those annoying pores and leaves a smooth surface to apply makeup to. apply foundation as normal I use a beauty blender for an even coverage. Conceal under the eyes, forehead,chin and upper lip and blend again and set it using the Pressed powder.

Contour with a darker colour than your natural skin tone and brush this in with an angled brush into the areas below the cheek bones and temples.

Fill in the Brows again using a smaller angled brush for precision.

Taking the Welcome to the Palette brush What a Pushover over the whole eye area, using moving on press over the entire lid. take the Sleek Sunset Palette and take the red-orange colour and sweep that all in the crease line and blend it all really well. Mix Long way home and love your body from the welcome to the pleasure dome palette and brush that under the water line and blend it up to the outer edges of the eye.


Smoke out the upper lash line using Love your body from the pleasure dome palette and then line the eye with the constance carrol liner, take the with big eyes liner and line the water line. Apply mascara add lashes and that’s the eyes complete.

Take the Barry M Blush an apply to the apples of the cheeks and blend back towards the temples to add  little depth to the blush I went over it with the I heart makeup Bronzer.

Find a shade Darker than your lipstick shade and line outside your natural lip line for that Kylie fuller lip look, fill in with Buffy and that is you kylie look complete all you have to do then is add a wig and your set.


So lovelies what do you think this was a first time try on the look I hope you liked it and if there are any questions about products or application that you don’t understand comment below and ill help in any way I can.

I will link a list below to the products now and will see you gorgeous people next week not sure what the post will be but ill be here hope you will too.



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