Evening all

Hope you are all well on this fine summers evening todays blog post as you can plainly see by the title is the teeth whitening product called cocowhite.

I was browsing the internet looking specifically for teeth whitening product as I have been thinking of trying to whiten my teeth for a while now, I didn’t want anything that was going to cause damage or sensitivity to my old gnashers so a natural approach sounded like a good option.

That’s when I came across cocowhite it seemed to have everything I wanted and the price in comparison to other teeth whitening products seemed affordable.


What is oil pulling?

Oil pulling has been around for thousands of years predominantly in the indian culture.It entails putting a spoonful of oil into your mouth and swishing it around for up to 15 minutes,

one of the main benefits of oil pulling is that it reduces harmful bacteria in the mouth, the kind of bacteria that causes plaque, we all know that having plaque is quite normal but some plaque causes bad breath, gum inflammation and yellowing of teeth.

By using cocowhite it causes the bacteria to become unstuck and dissolve within the oil.





each individual package has been designed so you get the perfect amount in each daily dose.

My first dose was the funniest I didn’t take the time to warm the product a little in my hands so it was very lumpy and caused me to I hate to say it but gag a little lol.

it says to build up to your 15 minute a day treatment but I wanted the best results possible so I stuck to the 15 minutes every single day. I had a 2 week treatment pack and chose to the option to have a mixture of flavour’s these were mint, light lemon and vanilla swirl. out of all of them I myself liked the light lemon flavour the most, I guess that’s probably as it’s a nice pallet cleanser.

below is a picture of my results I haven’t touched the picture up in any way and I took both photos in the same place the daylight may be a little brighter in the after picture but I have seen a difference (sorry for my janky old teeth but hey they add character lol)



Did I like it?

It was ok…. after getting over the shock of the first dose it became part of my daily routine and I would often it whilst applying my makeup. It didn’t give me a massive difference in the whitening part and having a 4-year-old trying to ask you questions in the morning whilst swishing was a little awkward lol.

overall the product is good but the price of £19.99 for some coconut oil with a flavour is a little much in my eyes, I mean if you think I’m wrong here tell me. but it is cheaper than some of the professional whitening treatments available these days.

Would I use it again?

I actually probably would but it would be more for the bacterial reasons than a whitening effect.

links to cocwhites site if you want to try it out below


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