August Look fantastic box


Hello lovely people its only me back again to bug you with some more of the things I talk constantly about, I do feel sorry for my partner at times because I literally do talk about beauty all the time, and bless him he actually does listen to me as I waffle on about things lol.

So I was excited today when I got in and realised it’s that time of the month when I get my look fantastic box, I was so pleased with last months I couldn’t wait to delve into this one and see what goodies were inside.

This months box is the Best of British box, it has been made in celebration of the 2016 Olympics and is quite simply celebrating all British made beauty products.

unfortunately no makeup in this box but I have just ran out of eye cream from a previous box and there is a new one to try in here so looking forward to that as my old skin needs all the help it can get lol.


The first product is Percy & Reed wonder balm it is a product to be put into freshly washed hair to add moisture and shine, Now anyone that knows me knows that I put my hair through some hard times with colouring it quite a lot so when products like this turn up I am always straight into them as it needs all the extra care it can, to be honest I’m surprised I have any hair at all lol.


The second product I picked up (pictured below) is a face mist, now I know face mists of any kind seem to be all the rage at the moment to I am intrigued to see how this feels.

Bloom And Blossom rejuvenating facial spritz is an all natural product that you lightly spray onto your face to give it a refreshing boost. it contains Horsetail leaf and Gotu cola leaf extracts that help reduce fine lines and wrinkles “now who doesn’t want that” it also transforms dull skin giving it back its radiance.


For all those that are hard on their lips at this time of year we have the BEE Good Vanilla and honey lip balm. I am an absolute sucker for anything that contains vanilla, love, love love it.

Made from British bees-wax its super conditioning and just smells amazing. as bees are becoming a rare thing in Britain of late its nice to see that there are still people out there helping keep the bee population alive, I mean come on honey is so good for so many things it will be a sad sad day if bees were actually to become a thing of the past lets hope we never see that day.



Another Ren product I love Ren they do some really amazing products they are a little pricey but the samples I have had in previous boxes I have loved and they were pretty decent sized so lasted me a little while and now I have another to try so yay.

It is another facial spritz but this one is aimed at people who live in-built up city areas or areas that have high pollution.

the Ren flash defence anti-pollution mist is formulated with zinc and manganese amino acids, these help protect the skin from the oxidative stress it is under from harsh city environments. Now I personally don’t live in a built up city area but it you were traveling this would be great especially if you were visiting built up cities. it may be something I just hang onto for if I am traveling at any point.


Nearing the end of the goodies now but I must say in picking this item up It is most definitely something I will be using every day.

RENU lip and eye active lift.

Being mid 30’s I am starting to notice that the areas around my eye and my eye lids in particular are starting to show that dreaded sign of aging not fun I can tell you, and since I cannot afford a facelift lol I will take anything that helps me in these areas.

With a blend of amino acids, wild yam, soya extract and active marine magnesium this product should stimulate collagen and firm up the skin. it also says it helps with dark circles. if this product does what it says on the tin so to speak I shall maybe splurge and buy it once I’m out.


last but not least is the Balance me Congested skin serum.

made with May chang, lavender and eucalyptus this is a product to use when the face demons arrive just dab a little on and banish those little suckers.

I’m not prone to many breakouts but I will keep this in mind if any pop up



And that’s it for this months beauty box a little disappointed that there are no British made make up products but we can’t have it all now can we. I shall link the look fantastic page again for anyone interested in starting their own subscription also a link to last months unboxing, I am not paid to do this I just think it is a good affordable box in comparison to some beauty boxes out there. subscription box

Hope you liked this weeks post and it hasn’t been a spoiler for anyone waiting on their boxes and I shall see you all next week.




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