A little haul with swatches


Warning if you do not like a lot of pictures then feel free to read no further as the pictures in this post are to show colours of products.

Now that’s out-of-the-way its on to the actual post as the title states this is a few things I have picked up online recently and I want to share what I got with you fine people.

First up is a couple of Kylie lipsticks that have arrived I really like these and will definitely purchase some more. A few people have said that they find the scent of the product over powering I however really like it.


Below are swatches of the two colours that I have they are both highly pigmented and really have good staying power. I tried running water over them and just rubbing it with my finger and it doesn’t budge. Posie K has to be my favorite day time colour at the moment it really suits my skin tone.


Next is a too faced sweet peach palette I have been wanting this for a while and I shall possibly be using it in an up coming make up post, it was supposed to be todays post but unfortunately I didn’t have time. This palette has a lovely peach scent to it and the colours are so lovely, they go from really subtle shades to some nice dark highly pigmented colours for a more dramatic look.


As you can see I have put all of the names by each colour hopefully you can see them all clearly I think in this case the pictures do all the talking for me, obviously my pale milky skin doesn’t help with the more paler neutral colours but they would come in really hand for a base colour under some looks or a nice highlight in the eye area just below the brows.



I think this palette would suit most skin tones and there is something for everyone from subte to vibrant.

it’s just about having a play with all the colours and seeing what suits you best, but isn’t that part of the fun in buying new makeup products,


The third item I received in the post this morning. I saw it online I knew I just needed to add it to my collection, and that’s the too faced in your dreams palette this palette is so versatile in that it gives you a choice of not only neutral day looks but dramatic night-time looks.

It comes with 9 eyeshadow shades 3 blush shades and 3 lip glosses.When you open it up it has a little guide in the inside to how to go about creating looks using specific colours



These first three shades can be used to create the”natural beauty” look then you add the wanna play blush and the give it up gloss to compete the look.PicsArt_07-20-08.39.07

The second row down is the colours that are used to create the “feminine flirty” look and again you would use a blush and  gloss to finish the look, for this look the blush is called girly show and the gloss is pink ice.PicsArt_07-20-08.41.21

The final look in this palette and the one I am most looking forward to trying out is the colour combination that creates the “seductively Smokey” look these colours swatched so well I love the look of full moon. the blush you hold the key and the gloss heart on go with this look I personally am not a big fan of glosses, so I will probably put this with a nice matt neutral lip colour.PicsArt_07-20-08.43.16


Above are the blushes I have previously mentioned to go with each eye look. PicsArt_07-20-08.47.32Above are the lip glosses in not a fan as I said as there is nothing worse than walking along and the wind blows your damn hair into your newly painted lips and you end up with hairy looking lips lol.

And that just about wraps it up for this weeks post I really am gutted that I didn’t get a chance to do the post I originally had planned but I will get this sorted very soon. I hope you all like my random ramblings on about makeup this is just a passion bordering on obsession of mine and I hope that reading it cuts out a little of the boredom in your day if you are stuck with something to do.

As I always say comment like post share the general f**k out of this on Facebook thank you please.


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