June favorites

Hello once again its that time of the week when I post about the thing I love talking about the most and that’s well anything beauty related and who wouldn’t want to….hehe

Following is all of the products I have been enjoying over the month of June, there are many more but I held back and narrowed it down to five as hard as that is lol.

PicsArt_07-13-11.59.23First up is a foundation I am absolutely loving, so much so I am already half way through the bottle.

Maybelline superstay Better skin Skin-transforming foundation. I am using the colour nude and I have to say it is a pretty damn good match for me. According to it this foundation gives you better looking skin in 3 weeks, and I have to admit since I have been using this product I have been getting less break outs of the face demon kind lol.

In all seriousness though this is a great product it goes on well and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin like some full coverage foundations. This is retailing at £8.99 and to be honest a little goes a long way with this, as I have been using it since the start of June. So if you feel your skin is in need of a little something extra I recommend giving this a try.


PicsArt_07-13-11.53.33Second product up is another Maybelline product.

The Eraser eye Instant anti-age perfect and cover concealer in nude.

I have to say Maybelline are really bringing out a lot of good products at the minute.

This is a must have product in my makeup bag at the moment its so easy to use and gives really good coverage on those annoying dark circles. The Eraser eye contains Goji berry and this has a really good moisturising effect on that sensitive under eye area. To apply all you have to do is give the top a little twist which clicks as you do it, this pushes the product up into a little sponge tip applicator and then all you do is run it in your under eye area and its done I myself also dab over it with a damp beauty blender to just blend it out for a smoother finish.

As you can see from the picture this is another product I’m half way through and will be buying some more once I’ve ran out, this retails at £7.99 so more than affordable for such a good product in my eyes.

PicsArt_07-13-11.55.51The third products on my favourites I may ramble about a little as I have wanted this for a while.

Looking about online I finally gotten around to purchasing it, I have used the hell out of it too. I love it so so much and that’s the Lunatick Cosmetic Labs mystifying Mattifying high definition microfinish pressed powder. woo what a mouthful lol.

This product not only looks amazing but does exactly what its says s on the tin or should that be planchette lol. its a soft light weight powder that you can used to set your foundation or you can wear alone to give the skin a nice even complexion.

It retails at £14.99 which is a tad pricey for some but when you look at the work and thought that has been put into designing this it is worth it. Things like its magnetic closure and swing opening it just adds to whole look of the product. To me packaging is a big thing if it looks weird, cool or different like myself lol I will buy it. I didn’t even want to use this at first as its so amazing looking, but I have and I love it and I would like to try more in the range.

All Lunatick Cosmetic Labs products are vegan, cruelty free and made with natural and organic ingredients. PicsArt_07-13-11.52.35Product number four is Makeup Revolutions Dia de los muertos (Day of the Dead) palette.

I have actually had this palette for a while and came across it whist looking through my makeup for new colours to use that would compliment my new violet hair colour. I have to say this palette worked a treat, all of makeup revolutions palettes are super pigmented and amazing value for money this retails at £6,00 at the moment but all of the palettes are great prices for the amount and quality that you get out of using them. I have a few different palettes by makeup revolution and I cant fault them at all.


Lastly and by no mean least we have WOW Long lasting lip colour.

If you were one of those kids at school that found it so satisfying to cover your hand in PVA glue and then sit and peel it all off the inner child in you is going to be screaming at you to buy this product. It is a peel off lip stain yes that’s what I said peel off.

Now if you are going to purchase this product I advise that you apply it with a lip brush and not the applicator it comes with that looks like a lip gloss head. I say this as it could go horribly wrong and you could end up with wonky stained lips.

Its by a company called Romantic Bear which I don’t really know but I have seen a few you tube videos floating about with this product in and I thought id give it a try. I ordered mine from eBay for I think it was around £3.10 and that was with free postage and you get all six shades this is an absolute bargain you do have to wait a little longer but at this price its worth it.

I am going to post links to all the products I have spoken about below in case anyone wants to purchase them also.






So that’s it for this week next weeks post should hopefully be a makeup look that someone has requested on my Facebook page so keep an eye out for that one.

Please also like and share my posts through Facebook so my blog is viewed by a wider audience thanks in advance and see you all next week.


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