Lookfantatic subscription unboxing


Warning if you subscribe to lookfantastic and haven’t received as the box yet do not scroll down.

As you can see by the title and pictures this post is about the monthly subscription box called lookfantastic. I have been subscribed to this box not for about four or five months now, so as I am starting out with this new blog I thought that this would be the perfect place to start. This months box is called the #LFSUMMERLOVIN each month has a different theme and of course as its now officially summer it would definitely have to be summer based Duh!

This has to be by far the best box I have received so far, I was so excited when I opened it as I am every box but this time I was even more so as some of the items are exactly what I would hope for. This box is so super affordable I have a 12 month subscription and it costs £11.25 per month and for some of the products I have been receiving this is well worth the money.



Each box comes with a different design and in my opinion they are all amazing looking, and so versatile I use mine to store all sorts of things in. This month box is my favourite but I say that every month lol. 


Each box comes with a copy of Elle magazine so if your into fashion you will love this little add in. Looking inside your box you will find  a leaflet explaining all of the products you have gotten along with a few extra tips. It is beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and matching packing worms


On to the products and first up is the benefit goof proof brow pencil. I have heard so much about this product and was so delighted, when I found this little gem in my box. The pencil has been made to make filling your brows easy, its angled shape has been designed to help you easily fill in any stubborn gaps you may have in your brows and lasts up to 12 hours. I don’t as a rule use pencils on my brow I usually use powder but I have tried this and it is so good.



Next up is something I have seen around but haven’t actually gotten around to purchasing and that’s MITI bobbles

These bobbles have a unique design that stops the annoying bump that is left in your hair after you have been wearing it up for a period of time. I haven’t tried it yet but it looks interesting.




Another product that I am excited about it this primer by THIS WORKS it’s the in transit camera close up primer and moisturiser in one apparently this is one of Victoria Beckhams favourite products. the ingredients that are contained in the product infuse your skin with moisture while giving a nice smooth surface to apply make up. 



One of the reasons I am loving this months box is that it finally has some makeup products in it, this is the main reason I subscribed in the first place thus far this is the first box that has actually had makeup in. don’t get me wrong I have used pretty much used every single product I gotten but as makeup is a bit of an addiction I was so excited when I opened this.

The above picture is the BELLAPIERRE lip and cheek stain. personally I don’t usually use cream blushes but this is a lovely pink colour sorry there isn’t a picture of the colour, but it is a lovely rose-pink. I may just have to give it a try to if I don’t like it on my cheeks it’s a nice natural colour for lips on a day you want a more natural look.



The item up next is the NUXE huile prodigieuse or to you and I that’s a golden shimmer dry oil for the skin. The picture doesn’t really do the sparkle justice on this product it’s so pretty to look at. It has been formulated using 6 different plant oils including sweet almond, camellia, hazelnut, macadamia, borage and st johns wart. It is also high in vitamin E. I’m not usually a fan of oil on the skin but its like your skin suck this product up and you aren’t left feeling greasy.


And last but by no means least we have  KEBELO silk anti-frizz cream serum. Now I am a big fan of products like this as I dye my hair on a regular basis so anything that will help dryness is a must in my eyes. Like most hair serums you apply to damp hair according to the lookfantasic leaflet it repairs and nourishes hair. I haven’t tried this out yet but hopefully its a good product

So that’s it for this post overall I am really loving the boxes. I do wish there were more makeup products inside but it is still nice to see all the lovely products that you receive and some of them being the more high-end is the reason I went with this box in the first place. If you have enjoyed seeing what I got this month or you have had it and are loving certain product drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

On a final note anyone wanting to subscribe to this box here’s a link to the site so you can get signed up http://www.lookfantastic.com/offers/beauty-box.list  I was not paid to write this post and my boxes are paid for by myself.




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