Introducing myself

So where do I begin…

This isn’t the first blog I have owned, I had a blog quite a few years ago now on blogger but as with most things, life got in the way and circumstances changed and long story short my blog got left behind.

looking back on it now it wasn’t the best blog in the world but I loved writing posts on it. As you will see from upcoming posts this blog will be based on my love and passion for make up and beauty. As I have been away from the game for a while I am going into this a little blind, I have no idea if people still blog or if people even still take the time to read a blog, this is after all the day and age of you tube and other social network platforms. I have been thinking of giving the whole you tube thing a go but I need to do all my research before making the move over into that. for now I shall do what I know best and use the power of the written word (albeit badly punctuated at times lol) to speak about the things I am loving…or hating within the world of beauty.

I guess that’s about it for now until my next post thanks for reading and feel free to comment below on anything you would like me post about.


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