festive teal and brown eye makeup

Hey lovelies

Hope you are all well and are having a great start to the week. I wanted to post another makeup look that would be perfect for this time of year, well to be honest I would wear this any time in the year but I thought the colours particularly fitting  for the party season.

I also wanted to make a normal makeup post as I feel the last look I posted didn’t go down too well, I guess it’s either not what people want at this time of year or you guys just didn’t like it lol either is fine I love playing with makeup whether it be normal eye looks of character looks. so if you would like to see more of the normal looks let me know in the comments and ill know to steer clear of character looks in the future.

Anywho on to the things you’ll need for this look.


The products

  • Revlon colorstay foundation in sand beige
  • Maybelline The eye eraser concealer in light
  • W7 Lemon meringue eye primer
  • Benefit Hoola Bronzer
  • Maybelline Master ink liquid liner inmate charcoal black
  • Ultraflesh samurai star 18 Karat rose gold blush
  • I heart makeup I heart chocolate palette
  • Maybelline The falsies push up drama mascara in very black
  • Benefit High beam complexion enhancer
  • Stargazer eye dust in shade 22
  • Jeffree Star lipstick in Scorpio (fake)


  1. First I primed my face I didn’t list it above but I used the Thisworks in transit camera close up primer, then I applied my foundation using a damp beauty blender.
  2. For contouring I used the Hoola bronzer to carve out some cheek bones and then on the temple areas.
  3. I used the Maybelline eye eraser concealer on my under eye area, also added a little to my forehead, down my nose and on my cupids bow and chin and again I blended it with the beauty blender.
  4. I used the rose gold blush on my cheeks.
  5. For brows I didn’t mention this in my list also but I used Benefit brow gel.
  6. To highlight I took the High beam by benefit and applied it to the upper cheek bones, forehead, tip of nose cupids bow and chin.


for the eyes

  1. I took the Stargazer eye dust which is a lovely teal/green colour and patted this onto just my eye lid area.
  2. I took the I heart chocolate Palette then used the colour thank Friday and blended that into the crease area as a transition colour.
  3. Using the same palette I used the colour Love torn I applied this to the crease and the outer corner of my eye lid then using a fluffy blending brush I blended the hell out of it till I was happy.
  4. Again same palette I took the colour Endorphins ready and applied this to the high point of my brow for highlight.
  5. Taking the love torn colour smoke it out along the lover lash line.
  6. Apply liner and mascara and eyes are done
  7. finish the look using whatever lip colour you like I used Scorpio and there you have it.


I hope you guys like this weeks look better than my last post and link my to your look if you do try this out as I love seeing what people’s takes on it are.

as always links below to all products used


Disgust from inside out tutorial

Hey guys

Hope you are all well on this freezing cold night I am wrapped up in my fleece pj’s as we speak lol.

As you know if you are already a reader of my blog I recently attended comicon I went with some friends and family and we all cosplayed for the very first time. my daughter decided that she was going as disgust from inside out, I thought it was a great idea as my daughter is the disgust through and through lol, and when I finally saw the look all together when it was done I loved it so much so that I decided to have a go of it myself  and I thought I do a walk through with you guys in case you want to try  it for yourselves.

Here’s what I came up with.



  • SnazarooFace paint in the colour pale green.
  • Collection 2000 Dazzle me eyeshadow in the colour Tinkerbell
  • Thisworks in transit camera close-up primer
  • Barry M Dazzle dust in colour No31
  • Famous By Sue Moxley Matt eyeshadow in shade 7
  • Maybelline Big eyes eye liner white side.
  • Loreal Manga Punky mega volume mascara in green
  • mac lippy in shade 09
  • Maybelline Master ink liquid liner matte in charcoal black
  • Blusher from the too faced in your dreams palette colour Wanna play?
  • Lashes were from kkcenterhk.com
  • Dou lash glue


How I got this look

  1. First I primed my face using the thisworks primer
  2. Using a foundation brush as it applied more evenly I painted my entire face neck chest and even my hands I had to apply a few layers to build up even colour but always allow them t dry or you’ll pull of what you’ve already applied.
  3. Using the Collection 2000 Dazzle me in the color Tinkerbell contour your cheek bones, temple area and nose pretty much the same way you always contour only its green lol.
  4. Taking The Matt shadow by Sue Moxley fill in those brows it’s a slightly darker green so it works well with the look.
  5. Using a pressing motion with the Barry M Dazzle dust apply it to just the eye lid area.
  6. Line the water line using the Maybelline Big eyes liner white side.
  7. Take the Collection 2000 colour and run that below the water line and smudge it out.
  8. Line your upper lid using the Maybelline master ink liner.
  9. Apply the Too Faced Wanna Play? blush to your cheeks.
  10. Curl your lashes and coat them in the Loreal Miss Mange Green Mascara add your lashes using the duo glue and that’s the eyes done.
  11. Finally put on your lippy and that’s the look complete (oo I also added some green glitter onto my cheek bones to get a bit of that disgust sparkle.)


So there you have it such a simple but effective makeup look that anyone could pull off.

I did want to also tell you guys I have a you tube channel I started a while ago but wasn’t to sure when to tell people I guess it’s the whole fear of rejection thing I have going on but my daughter took matter out of my own hands and started sharing my videos on her twitter, so I thought now is a good time as any to share it with you guys too. So if anyone is interested in having a look or even subscribing to my channel I would muchly appreciate it and ill pop a link down below for anyone interested. most of my posts co-inside with this blog so rather than a written it’s all me talking people s ears off lol or applying makeup with musical backing. so like I said take a look if you like no pressure 🙂

As always there are also going to be links to the product’s so you can purchase them if you’d like.

YouTube link Charmedwench

Product links












Gold and brown Christmas party look

Hello you beautiful people you

I am being very proactive this week well I’m going to try to anyway and I am posting this weeks blog post a day or two early check me out living on the edge lol.

I wanted to do a Christmas party look and I love glitter ( what girl doesn’t) so I thought as it’s the season for sparkle and gold is a very Christmassy colour let’s get our sparkle on.


let’s get on with how this look was created

First prime that face I use Thisworks in transit camera close-up

I wont patronise you with how to apply foundations we all have our own ways I personally use a damp beauty blender. I use two types of concealer on my under eye area I use the Maybelline eye eraser, and down the bridge of my nose up onto my forehead upper lip and chin I use NYX Above and Beyond Full coverage concealer all blended out the same as my foundation. To set all that into place I use Lunatick cosmetic labs Mystifying Mattifying pressed powder.

For contouring I used the Hoola bronzer by benefit to carve out the cheek bones and add depth to the temple area.

On my cheeks I used the Model co Blush in Peach Bellini, and to highlight my cheek bones I used High beam By benefit.


On the brows I filled them with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow.

For the eyes I took a NYX jumbo Pencil in dark brown as a base to make my gold really stand out I applied this to my lid only, then I took my Revolution palette named Fortune Favours the brave and used the colour Buffer as a transition colour in the crease. I then took a gold coloured pigment shadow by Laval and pressed this over the dark brown on the lid. Going back into the revolution palette I took the colour caffeine fix and worked this into the crease and the outer edges of my lid and blended it all out, taking the same colour I also smoked out the lower lash line for a more dramatic night-time look. once I was happy with all the blending I used the colour ice cloud in the revolution palette and highlighted the brow bone.

I used Maybelline Big eyes eye liner and applied it to the water line, and Maybelline Master ink liner on the upper lid.


Now you could just leave it there but its the season of sparkle so you know you have to add glitter so I took the Collection 2000 Glam glitter in the colour OMG! which is on one side a wand that applies a glitter fixing gel and on the other is the loose glitter it so easy to use and super effective the pictures don’t do the sparkle justice lol.

you could add lashes at this point and I was going to but the ones I brought were rubbish so I ended up just going naked and using my Maybelline The falsies push up drama mascara.

to complete the look I used KOKO K by Kylie

And there you have it all the sparkle you could want on a night out. I will post links to all the products that were used. I would also like to know if these post are helpful in the way I explain them as I really want people to be able to follow it and use my explanation to create the same look.

Hope you enjoyed guys and I will speak to you all again soon.

Those Linkamabobs














Comicon Birmingham 2016

Hey guys

Feels like its been a while since I posted and I guess it has been over a week or more but things have been so crazy in the running up to comicon.

I will start by saying this is the first comicon that I have actually gone in cosplay for, and it was so much fun I can’t even tell you, what made the day for me was firstly the fact that people recognised the character that I chose to do and secondly the kids, the kids absolutely made my day seeing their little faces as they came up and asked for a photo with me as they knew exactly who I was more so than a lot of the older generation.

So I decided in my wisdom to go as nightmare moon from my little pony I have done a previous post of a practice run on the makeup I was going to do but I didn’t show the complete look so here it is.


I found a little fluttershy as I was walking round so we had to have a picture.

So what ill do rather than bore you all with a load of writing ill just post quite a lot of pictures with just a bit of writing.

Above is family and friends that we went with. my daughter was disgust from inside out her partner was Shaun from Shaun of the dead. my partner was Dr Doom his brother was Malcolm Reynolds from firefly, his partner was the copse bride.

I had such a great day the people were friendly  and the cosplayers put so much effort into the characters they attended as I will definitely cosplay again I may have been trodden on a lot as my dress was so big but it was worth it when you hear kids shouting your character’s name out and asking for a picture.

I know this was a short and sweet post but i hoped you enjoyed seeing all the pictures of my day.

I will see you all again soon

Unicorn Makeup brushes

hey guys here for the second time in the week to play catch up on my blog posts.

Now I have to say that these aren’t my brushes as much as I wish they were I am not as lucky as my daughter who purchased these, but she has kindly let me have a look at them and write a review. she has since been using them and has also given me her own opinion on how she feels about the brushes.

The brushes are made by a company called unicornlashes they are an indie brand that not a lot of people may know of they sell primarily lashes hence the name of course with are in themselves as beautiful and unique as the brushes I will be talking about today. I will as always leave a link at the end so you can all add yourselves to their mailing list to find out when the new stock of the brushes are in if you want to get your own.


This is  how your purchased brushes will arrive the packaging is amazing and screams high-end quality but the uniqueness of them make you just want to sit and stare at them rather than dirty them up with any kind of makeup products, but that’s just my opinion lol.

your brushes come in a diamond-shaped storage bag I love it thus set is definitely a show stopper.


You also receive a cute little card explaining in detail each brush and how and where it is used it even has little unicorn tips on how to get the best out of each individual brush which is such a cute personal thing to do.


And what you have finally been waiting to see the beautiful brushes in all their glory and I have to say the pictures really don’t do these brushes any justice at all.

Each handle has been crafted to look like a unicorns horn they have an opalescent colouring to them that catches the light and shines so beautifully. Each brush has bristles made out of taklon which is a super soft fibre that is so soft to the touch it make you feel like you are rubbing a cloud on your face lol. but in all seriousness they feel lovely. The bristles on each brush are coloured in rainbow pastel colours which is another reason I wouldn’t  want to use them they are just so damn gorgeous lol.

I also must state that these are vegan friendly.


Unicornlashes has also collaborated with swirl+sparkle so in your brush set you also receive a pot of brush cleaner so you can bring back your beautiful pastel rainbow colour on your brushes after use.

Now the price of these brushes is £45  a lot some may feel a little too much for a set of brushes but looking at what you get and the fact that they are such high quality these are so worth it, and when I am in the position where I will be able to purchase my own set I will as I have fallen in love with my daughters.

My daughters view on using the brushes is:

“They are so soft. I thought I was going to hate how short the handles are but actually I feel it gives you more control.”

“I’d like to see a smaller eye shadow brush though that’s my only criticism but it doesn’t stop me using them and they clean up really well”

Those linkamabobs

 Website:   https://www.unicornlashes.co.uk/

Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/UnicornLashesUk/

Lookfantastic November Box

Hey my lovely people

Hope you have all had a great bonfire night I have been a bit of a slacker in the blog posting department in the last week so I am going to get two posts up this week to make up for my lazy ways lol.

So I have received this months lookfantastic box and I am again pleased with all the items I have got, so I thought I would show you all the goodies I have received and give you a breakdown of each product also I will leave a link at the end for anyone interested in possibly subscribing to the box yourselves.

PicsArt_11-07-03.33.08.pngThis months box is so pretty I have to say I keep all of my boxes and use them to store things in even my daughters has one to store her shopkins in lol.

So yes I am loving the snowflake and silver design on this box it definitely is reminding me Christmas is getting ever nearer lol.


I always love opening the tissue paper on these I am like a kid at Christmas lol.

But here it is in all its glory lol I was so excited to read the words blush closely followed by spotting a makeup brush and squealing lol. for me the more makeup the better, but saying that lookfantastic never let me down in the skin care department either as there is always something that I could do with using (it’s like they know lol)

The Product Breakdown


So of course you know I’m going to start out with the products I was most excited to receive hehe.

Model co cheek blush powder in the colour peach Bellini. I am loving these sort of colours for blush at the moment so to get this in the box I was more than happy. According the lookfantastic book you always receive with every box the blush has micronized colour pigments and a pressed texture that helps control the oil on the surface of the skin so it leaves you looking gorgeous with a hint of shine throughout the day.

This blush is definitely an all round perfect colour that would suit most skin tones. I have used it already and I love it.


Look Better feel better Angled blending brush

In my eyes you can never have too many makeup brushes and this super soft blending brush is going to be a lovely addition to my collection, the shape has been designed to contour and shade the eye area and would be very handy when it comes to blending out those smokey eye looks we all love to try on a night out. The brushes are made from Taklon which is why it’s so soft it is also allergy free and environmentally friendly.

The thing I love most about this brush is the fact that it supports the charity women with cancer what a wonderful thing to support and well done lookfantastic for putting this product into our boxes.

Lookfantastic Nail file

Such a cute addition to the box was this nail file it has the logo on one side but the other side is silver glitter to match the design of the box.


Bloom and blossom Revitalising foot and leg spray

I love this company I received another of their products in a previous box and have been using it regularly it was an anti wrinkle rejuvenating facial spray I don’t have much left but I love it.

The foot and leg spray is good for tired legs, so people who spend a lot of time on their feet for work would probably benefit from using this spray. it contains a blend of horse-chestnut seed and yellow sweet clover extracts that alleviate water retention and revitalise those tired legs after a long day.

I haven’t tried it yet but because I love the facial spray I have I know I am going to like this, and I love all natural products like this if it comes from nature then it has to be good.

picsart_11-07-03-26-41 Sebastion Professional Volupt spray

This is a super light weight spray on gel that is non sticky and lifts hair from the root to give it much needed volume. It doesn’t leave the hair feeling oily or stiff which is always a bonus.

Now I have very fine hair so I think that this is going to be a product that I am definetly going to try out


Mythic Oil by loreal

This is a light weight oil treatment for hair that is dry and damaged. It is infused with avocado and grape seed oil which will nourish the hair and keep it smooth and manageable.

For me knowing what I know about oils I know grape seed oil os a good base oil and many people will love using this as is such a good all round oil not many people find they have any sensitivity reactions from this as its so gentle add that with avocado and its a lovely combination.

Being one of those people who tend to use hair dryers and straighteners on a regular basis I think my hair would be very welcoming of this product lol I shall look forward to using it.


Monu Recovery Balm

Now we all know our skin need a bit more TLC at this time of year so this is the perfect product to finish off the box it is full of natural ingredients so naturally I am going to love it lol.

it contains rose oil, Evening primrose oil, peptides and blackcurrant seed oil all of these combined help sooth irritation, calm the skin, reduce redness and keep your skin in balance all while giving you a radiant glow, what more could you ask for in a skin care product.

I have used this already and it smells beautiful and made my skin feel so hydrated, I think I am going to have to save this though for the colder day when I feel my skin really is in need of a little something extra. I really feel this is going to be a little skin lifesaver in a tube lol.

Final thoughts

I am super happy with this months box and it this is how good November box is then I cannot with to break into my December box already hehe.

Every item in this box is going to be something I will use and to me that’s an important factor if you don’t think you will use it all then what’s  the point, I think in every box I have had over the past month there has only been one box that I haven’t used every item in and that was mainly because I don’t used fake tan.

The box is great value for money and always a treat I look forward to every month.

Hope you enjoyed

Heres a link to lookfantastic so you can check it out for yourselves


Cracked doll Halloween look

Hey guys hope all is good

This week I decided to do a practice run of a look I will be wearing for a party this weekend. I haven’t tried this before so the pictures you will see are just a dry run of it all I always like to do a trial of anything I am going to be wearing for costumes/cosplay as you can look back at the pictures and decide how you would like to improve on it if you need to.

So I thought a cracked doll look would be simple but effective and plus it’s a family party with children so I didn’t want to go all out and end up with kids getting nightmares lol.

The Products


  1. Thisworks in transit camera close up primer
  2. Lorea; Revitalift Magic blur instant skin smoother finishing cream
  3. Revlon colorstay foundation in sand beige
  4. Maybelline The eye eraser  concealer
  5. W7 Lemon Meringue eyelid primer
  6. Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Mystifiying Mattifiying pressed powder
  7. Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour palette
  8. Anastasia Beverly hills dipbrow in soft brown
  9. Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite Palette
  10. Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette
  11. Maybelline The Falsies Push up drama Mascara in very black
  12. Maybelline Big eyes eye liner (white side)
  13. Maybelline Master ink Matte eyeliner in charcoal black


I wanted to keep the makeup as doll-like as possible so to begin I primed my face with the thisworks primer and also smoothed my pores out using the loreal magic blur, I then applied the Revlon colorstay using my beauty blender. I concealed under the yes up my nose and forehead and also put a little on my top lip and chin.

To have a nice even colour on my eyelid I primed that with the W7 Lemon meringue primer which also cancels out any redness in the eye area.

I finished all this off using the Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Pressed powder.


I contoured my face as I usually would just below the cheek area and up onto the side of the temples.

I filled my brows to make them look a little fuller using the dipbrow (which is may I add a fake aliexpress one).

For my eye make up I used the Makeup Revolution Unicorn unite Palette. I put the Colour Unicorn on the lid area only then I used Unite as a transition colour in the crease area blending it up towards the brow. Taking the colour Believe put this in the crease and outer corners of the eye lid and blend it all out till you are happy, to finish the eye highlight the brow bone with the colour Pure


To finish off my eyes I lined them using the master ink above the lash and also below the water line but not all the way in as I don’t want to look like I have piggy eyes lol. I then took the colour History from the same unicorn unite palette and smudged the liner I had already applied this makes it last longer and helps if you need to rectify any mistakes.

Taking the Maybelline Big eyes liner use the white side to fill in the water line to exaggerate the eye and hopefully make it look bigger and more doll-like, finish off the eye by curling the lashes and adding your mascara and my ride or die mascara has to be the Maybelline The Falsies Push up drama one I swear by it.


I used a Too Faced Blush from my In your dreams Palette sorry it’s not pictured but the pink in there was a perfect dolly pink for the apples of my cheeks, I added a bit of highlighter because we all need a bit of highlight in our lives even if we are a doll lol. I took the colour Hemisphere and highlighted the cheek bone up the nose onto the forehead, I even added some to my top lip and chin SHINE BABY!!! lol.


To finish this look I used a MAC Pink lipstick again I forgot to take a picture and of course as I sit here I can’t remember the colour I know it was a lady Gaga one sorry.

And of course no look would be complete without a splatter of blood and a creepy companion, you will never know the guilt I felt doing this to the little guy but he is now my partner in crime for the night and I will always keep him cause I’m weird like that lol.

On looking back on all these pictures now I will most definitely add some shading and highlight to all the cracks to create some depth and I will most definitely fill in the cracks with face paint as using a little eyeliner brush was painfully slow lol.

But I want to know what you guys think. Have you done this look before? if so any tips or tricks I can use?

Overall I think it’s not bat for a first go.

Those darn product links again hehe

  1. https://www.amazon.co.uk/LOreal-Paris-Revitalift-Magic-Finishing/dp/B00HZ134Y6/ref=sr_1_3_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1477423526&sr=8-3&keywords=l%27oreal+magic+blur
  2. http://www.boots.com/en/Revlon-ColorStay%E2%84%A2-Makeup-For-Combination-Oily-Skin_30122/
  3. http://www.boots.com/en/Maybelline-Eraser-Eye-Concealer_1321843/
  4. https://www.boots.com/en/Maybelline-Push-Up-Drama-Mascara-Very-Black_1792357/
  5. http://www.boots.com/en/New-Maybelline-Big-Eyes-Liner_1459281/
  6. http://www.cutecosmetics.co.uk/lunatick-high-definition-microfinish-pressed-powder-8761-p.asp
  7. https://www.maybelline.co.uk/makeup/eye/eye-liner/master-ink-liquid-eyeliner.aspx
  8. https://www.tambeauty.com/en/Makeup-Revolution-Ultra-Contour-Palette/m-1230.aspx
  9. https://www.tambeauty.com/en/Makeup-Revolution-Salvation-Palette—Unicorns-Unite/m-1356.aspx
  10. https://www.boots.com/en/Sleek-highlighter-eye-palette-solstice_1753298/
  11. http://www.beautybay.com/cosmetics/toofaced/inyourdreamsmakeupcollection/
  12. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mac-Lady-gaga-Lustre-Lipstick-AB13-COLOR-Lustering-/201697073094

Comicon Cosplay Makeup trial run


Hellooo my little pretty’s

So as you can see by the massive title I am going to comicon that would be the one this November coming in Birmingham. I am so looking forward to it and this year will be the first time I actually take the plunge and cosplay a character.

My choice is Nightmare moon from My Little Pony, well my take on a part human part unicorn version of her anyway, most of my costume parts are here but I wanted to do a test run on the makeup I will actually wear on the day of the con.


so what you will see is a work in progress it think ill add and change a few things here and there but ill explain that as I go on.

I am going to write this in a tutorial type of blog so that you can all see how it was done.

I want opinions also as to how I can improve or just generally your thoughts.

The products used


Products pictured above

  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation in sand beige
  • Maybelline The eye eraser concealer in light
  • Lunatick Cosmetick Labs Mystifying Mattifying Pressed powder
  • Thisworks in transit camera close-up primer
  • Makeup Revolution Ultra contour palette
  • Anastasia Beverley hills dipbrow
  • Ultraflesh Samurai star rose gold blush
  • MUA Pro-base Fixing spray


products pictured above

  • Technic electric palette
  • makeup revolution unicorn unite palette
  • color tattoo 24hr in endless purple
  • Quciy eyeliner in black
  • Maybelline the falsies push up drama mascara in very black
  • Maybelline big eye chunky eyeliner white side
  • Makeup revolution Lipstick  in Scandalous Immoral
  • purple and white glitter from aliexpress
  • Snazaroo face paint in white


The lashes used here had flecks of blue in them I got them and the glue from alixpress

So as always I applied my foundation using my beauty blender, I concealed only my under eye area and then set it with the pressed powder as with all the looks I do you don’t have to use the exact same products as me just use what you have.

I contoured my cheeks and temple area and added a little bit of the rose gold blush to bring back some of my colour, I wasn’t too sure about this foundation as it’s the first time ive used it and I don’t know why my camera shows it a more orange than it actually is on natural light.

I filled in my brows and then moved onto the eyes.

As a base I covered my lid in the endless purple tattoo cream eyeshadow. Then it was onto the fun part of making my face a galaxy I took the technic electric palette and started in the outer part of my crease and used the vibrant purple then I moved onto the blues and then pinks I didn’t want to bring it all down my face on both side as the side that is clear will have a crescent moon in glitter I am just waiting for the makeup glue especially for glitter.

to make the galaxy on the side of my face I just stippled and blended the blues, purples and pinks from the ame palette until I was happy with it.


I then sprayed the MUA on a brush dipped it in the glitter and pressed it just on the lid area. I lined my eyes and set it with a black shadow from the unicorns unite palette.

The stars in my galaxy were created using the Snazaroo white face paint for the small stars I used the end of a hair grip and the larger ones were hand painted, these definitely need a better bush as I couldn’t get the exactly how I wanted, to finish them off I added a little of the white glitter. I then added the lashed and the eyes were complete.

For the lips I don’t have the color I am actually wearing as I am waiting for it to arrive so I took a blue makeup revolution lipstick and then used a darker blue eyeshadow to create a sort of gradient effect.


Sooooo what do you think this of course is my take on nightmare moon I just thought it was a cool way to portray her character I as in the picture at the start of the blog she has fangs and so will I and I definitely need to work on some evil poses lol overall I am quite pleased as it was a first go and I don’t think I need to alter too much but let me know your opinion please I would very much appreciate it.

The real neat blog Award!!




The super sweet Danetigress has been sweet enough to take the time and look at my blog and feels it is worthy enough for the real neat blog award. I am feeling very surprised and happy about this as It is nice to know that there are others out there that appreciate the time, work, effort and most of all love that goes into writing a blog.

Please share the love and go and check out her blog also as it is a lovely mixture of fashion, beauty food and travel so who wouldn’t want to read that!

The rules:

  1. Put the Award logo in your blog.
  2. Answer the seven questions by the person who nominated you linking their blog.
  3. Thank the people who nominated you linking their pages.
  4. Nominate any number of blogs you like linking their blogs.
  5. Let them know you have nominated them by commenting on their blogs.


On to the questions

  1. Where do most visits to your blog come from?

As I haven’t been in the blogging game for very long, well with this particular blog I don’t have many views but the ones I do have mainly come from France closely followed by the UK.

2. What is your favourite sport?

Sport whats this sport thing of which you speak lol. But seriously I’m not a sporty person and never really have been apart from swimming when I was younger I loved swimming and to be honest if I had my own pool I would definitely take it back up, I’m not a big fan of stripping down to a swimsuit in public anymore lol.thyyrk12bq

3. What has been a special moment for you in 2016?

It has to be the fact that my youngest daughter has started school. my how the time has flown by so quickly also my eldest is into her second year in university both of these are big things so I had to mention them both cheating a bit I know but as you can see both are worthy mentions.

4. What is your favourite quote?

my favourite quote lol well I am addicted to Rupauls drag race so….

“if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else”

This really is so true and if you had asked me when I was younger I would have thought it was nonsense but it really has deep meaning to me all be it on of the best shows around hehe.


5. What was your favourite class at school?

This is an absolute no brainer for me art I loved every minute of it I don’t draw now but clearly it must have rubbed off in my genes somewhere because my daughter is doing her degree in fine arts at the moment, well id like to think its part of my as she’s very talented, more talented than she gives herself credit for.

6.Anything you wished you had learned earlier?

as far as emotional learning as the quote above by Rupaul I wished I had learned to love myself sooner as I think my life would have been entirely different. But I am finally at that place albeit a little late but still I made it lol.

also I wish I learned my left from right lmao I still never get it right now lmao I feel so sorry when people stop for directions cause I know I’m gonna totally tell the  wrong way but don’t want to look like a dummy and carry on regardless lol I hope I’m not the only one out there that does this show me some support here people and let me know I’m not alone.

7. What musical instrument have you tried to play?

There have been a couple first there was the piano which to this day I wish I had followed up on but hey I was young and dumb. second was the violin which was only played for a short period in high school for a concert. It was for some big event I forget what it was called. More recently I in my infinite wisdom decided I wanted to learn the ukulele, so for my birthday my lovely parents presented me with my very first uke which I played constantly for a few months, and then my nails decided to grow so I had gel to keep them long as they are paper-thin and sadly because of this its made it extremely difficult to play I think I need to pick It back up because I really was enjoying learning


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These are all blogs I love reading so I am sharing them with you so that we can all show our love and appreciation for other bloggers in our community.

and for the blogs nominated just use the same questions as I answered and I look forward to reading your responses.






Benefit set

Hey lovelies

It’s that time of week again where I ramble on about things in hopes of inspiring you all into trying new things and new products.

Todays products aren’t necessarily new but new to me as I have never actually purchased any Benefit products before I have only ever gotten them from either magazines or my subscription beauty box, but now I have paid out and brought a few products that came in a kit from QVC I’m pretty sure you have all heard of QVC if you haven’t it’s a shopping channel. I have never used them before but when I saw this kit I knew it was totally worth the price tag of £49.92 including packaging, now this may seem a lot to most people but I will list the individual prices for each product in the kit as I go so you can see just how much of a bargain this really was.

The great thing about QVC is you also have the option to pay in instalments which to be honest is what I opted to do as it seemed better for my to do so.


The products


High beam luminescent complexion enhancer is a pale pink highlighter that is used on the cheeks and brow bone to give the face a beautiful dewy glow I have heard and seen good reviews on this product so I’m looking forward to using it to see how I feel about it myself.

The retail price to buy this on its own is £19.50


bene tint is a rose-tinted lip and cheek stain that has long-lasting and yet subtle colour. If you love the scent of roses and like the more subtle natural make up look this product could definitely be right up your ally it comes in a little bottle with a brush built into the lid so you can apply to either your lips or cheeks if you want the colour to be less subtle you can apply more than one layer to make it pop.

The retail price for this product alone is £24.50


they’re real mascara again I have been wanting to try this product out for a very long time as ive heard such good reviews on it I’m trying to stop my self from using it before I have used my everyday mascara I don’t like waste especially with make up as I like to get the most out of what I buy and not throw things away.

This mascara has a specially designed brush according to the packaging is going to help me find lashes I never knew I had well I bloody hope so as I need all the help I can get with my sparse lashes lol.

The retail price for this product alone is £19.50


Gimme brow is another new on for me I already use the ready, set brow gel and the Goof proof pencil in my everyday makeup this I don’t know if id use every day but I am definitely going to give it a go. This product contains tiny micro-fibres that stick to the skin and hairs in your brow giving it a naturally fuller defined look. having been a bit of an over plucker in my youth this may be a good product to get into using.

The retail price for this product alone is £18.50


And finally a product that every man and his dog knows about in the makeup community the Hoola bronzer I have wanted this for so long and finally I have it I’m so excited to use this, I know a lot of people use this as a contour shade ive had a little swatch to myself and I think ill have to try it out and see if I feel its dark enough for my skin tone either way I am looking forward to dipping my brush into this baby.

This product alone retails for £23.50

Now because I can’t add for shit lol my calculator says if I was to buy each individual product by itself in one shopping trip it would amount to £105.50 wow is all I have to say lol there is no way I could pay that out in one splurge so I will definitely be keeping an eye out on what QVC has on offer when I’m adding to my make up collection. I’m pretty sure that the price has gone up to £65 plus postage but that still a saving when wanting benefit products, and the fact you can pay in instalments makes this all the more worthwhile.

So what do you think do any of you guys already use any of these items id love your opinion on them?

I’m pretty sure ill be using some of these in my next post which will be another make up look. As always ill link the page from where I purchased the kit incase you all want to take up the offer also. That’s it for this week please like the post if you like what you’ve read and go ahead and look me up on face book and like my page there too if you would be so  kind.

Links: http://www.qvcuk.com/Benefit-5-Piece-Best-of-Benefit-Make-Up-Collection-with-Bag.product.218738.html?cm_sp=VIEWPOSITION-_-11-_-218738